THULI GAMEDZE :: Post Residency Interview


WOW_3000ZF : c o n s p i r a c y    d e – p o l i t i k

WOW_3000ZF is an online course run by Prof gamEdze. This free course is intended to challenge its students to consider the tensions between South African art making practices during and post-apartheid, exploring whether the Rainbow Nation project was one that included the de-politicisation of our art practice.

Moving between mind control, popular African histories, experimental education practices, and irrationality, gamEdze’s teaching strategy has been said to truly confuse its learners, while inspiring them beyond reason. And yes, you will receive a certificate for involved participation.

Course Outcomes

_what is art?

_who scrambled 4 africa?

_what is education?

_what is a course outcome?

_who am I?

_oh no!


1 x exam


What did your residency explored?

My residency explored a collision of art, education, and history. I am particularly interested in the depoliticisation of South African art practice after the end of formal apartheid… Because I am super into alternative pedagogical practices, my ‘focus’ was on the art centres that existed during this time for black people, and were central components of the struggle.

What did you do on a daily basis during the 2 week period?

It varied greatly. All I really started out with was a bunch of historical content, and the intention of presenting it in some way that was creative, unauthoritative, and seeked to challenge the oppressive power dynamics that exist in traditional education structures.

How did the residency affect your own artistic practice or production during the residency?

It was a super interesting, kind of stressful, and strange process. I had many conversations during the time with people who were following the course. Those conversations ended up guiding the next intervention… I played with many different mediums- gifs, videos, sound, digital collage, quizzes- that I haven’t looked into before. What was interesting is that it also affected the way I was thinking about my ‘real life’ teaching practice, and writing. It felt like it kinda mixed it all together, which I like.

How did the residency affect your own artistic practice or production after the residency?

I would say it has begun a bunch of creative paths that I would like to follow in the future, and have started following actually. I am planning on starting a ‘panel discussion’ project, in which me and a bunch of students, friends, and strangers too hopefully, will play with the rigid format of a panel discussion, and open up a fun space for conversations and performative presentations that are of interest or relevance to whoever is in the room. The residency was definitely a moment where I was able to grapple with a bunch of ideas I have been thinking about for some time, and I think the high pressure nature of the thing has forced me into a fresh creative space.

Did you find that the guidelines helped or limited you?

I think they did help… I wasn’t always able to deliver on time! But like I said, the short and intensive period of working is good in the sense that you are pushed to trust yourself even when you are unsure of wtf you just produced.

Do you think you’ll carry on with the residency or project afterwards?

Yes, for sure. As I mentioned a little bit above, I want to look into various modes and mediums to produce work that plays similarly with educational structures. I love the internet, but am also looking to interact with people in real time, and potentially at some point to collaborate on similar work with high school students. We will see…

Did the residency result in any specific additional work inspired by the process? If so how and what?

Have chatted about this a bit already ^… For sure there is stuff coming. I think the work I produced was pretty much an expression of my daily life, thoughts and feels, and so it’s been fun to figure out how that stuff can turn into a project that people can interact with.

Anything else you’d like to say? Any feedback is welcome 🙂

Thanks for space to do weird things. Will let you know if I think of any specific feedback.


Thanks so much!