This //2Weeks project takes the death of Brangelina as its starting point. A symbiotic celebrity techno-body, Brangelina was born from white imperialist, hetero-capitalist lattice of speculation. The Internet, as a distributed architecture, has facilitated this body as it generates its own life through the perpetuation of its myth. Brangelina as a cyborg woven through web 2.0, is an amorphous nexus of desire which could be compared to a fungal body. Both rely on a networked architecture that feed and perpetuate it, both are instruments of desire in a quest for life and distribution.

Over the two-week duration of the residency, the artists will reconfigure short narratives daily from Brangelina forums, connecting them with ever increasing GIFs. Each GIF will be connected to a different fragment, posted after its death. This line is the fungal spore, it travels, colonises, and sometimes dies. These GIFs will form constellations, or fungal networks. At the end of the residency, there will be a map of the artists’ gestural re-contextualisation. Much the way Brangelina is poeticised into the language of capitalist accumulation through foundation myths, speculation, and fabrication, the artists will poeticise Brangelina into the transmogrified fungal network, and allow them, or it, to fruit.