It starts off as a daily iteration online. What happens to the artwork then?

It is important to translate artworks, processes and research from a digital medium into the physical. postdigital2015 is a reimagining and engagement with the residencies from 2015. Artists have been encouraged interrogate their own experience of the residency, their process and how they produced work. Floating Reverie has encouraged the artists to maintain the essence of the digital residency, the process and research and to engage with their own experience during the residency. With this consideration and further development, artists have taken their initial engagement and are re-locating it from a virtual, digital space, into a physical, real space.



Chloë Hugo-Hamman “*NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED” (2016)


Ashley Holmes “Mr Powell” (2016)


Louwrens Ferriera “Field Encoder” (2016)


Soraya Fatha “*ITS NO GOOD …” (2016)


//2015 residency and postdigital exhibition catalogue: