BROOKLYN J. PAKATHI :: Post Residency Interview


my weight in grams

a circadian reflection of the aspirational validation IG seeks to imbue its users.
examining the TL as a feed of representation through a gaze of subjectivity in relation to identity both on and offline.
the push of multi-layered url behaviour that often masks the pull of irl ubiquitous normality. presented as an anecdotal existential dialogue with the self to better understand struggles of inclusion, collective traits of purpose, and polarity of identities.


What did your residency explore?

my relationship with instagram and how it shapes our sense of self

What did you do on a daily basis during the 2 week period?

stressed / cried / over exaggerated / doubted / pushed through / thought long and hard

How did the residency affect your own artistic practice or production during the residency?

it aided me in applying new production methods to my practice as well as really interrogating myself and my work

How did the residency affect your own artistic practice or production after the residency?

added a new perspective of how to create and display work as well as overcome a complexity of insecurity and self doubt

Did you find that the guidelines helped or limited you?

i don’t think there were many guidelines that i necessarily followed but the experience certainly helped the work

Do you think you’ll carry on with the residency or project afterwards?

heck yeah!

Did the residency result in any specific additional work inspired by the process? If so how and what?

at this stage, TBC but certainly without a doubt

Anything else you’d like to say? Any feedback is welcome 🙂

Thank you for this opportunity and I’d love to contribute to the progress and growth of the program


Thanks so much!