For the purpose of this residency a number of field recordings will be used as the raw material for sonic explorations. These recordings were accidentally made over a period of roughly two days. These field recordings contain daily events, interactions, commuting, and conversations as well as long stretches of silence. As these recordings only contain the audible events it does not represent aspects of the experience that are linked to internal and inaudible processes. 

The aim of this //2Weeks residency is to re-contextualize the found sound by applying compositional processes to the raw material as a way of representing the internal and inaudible processes that took place and could not be captured. The result of this process may not necessarily uncover a particular meaning within the recordings, nor does it aim to impose a meaningful structure onto the material. It could be seen as a way to emphasise a process of mundane and arbitrary interactions that take place on a daily basis.

Three compositional processes will be applied to the material:

– Indeterminate Compositional Process: parameters such as playback position and speed will be randomised

– Algorithmic Compositional Process: a set of determinate rules will be applied

– Improvisations: based on the nature and personal interpretation of the recordings a number of compositional decisions will be taken and applied 


Louwrens Ferreira’s residency re-contextualised used accidental field recordings. These daily iterations interacted with each other by chance as each day you were able to hear a different combination of sounds in a similar way to Orecchia’s sound residency. This resulted in in a variety of temporary autonomous zones whilst listening. This performative nature of both Ferreira’s accidental recording and the viewers listening to their altered states during and post residency, changes and exists autonomously within the space, temporary to the viewer and Ferreira. This archive of past action presents a different narrative in the present, Ferreira sets up rules and constraints for himself based on his accidental capturing of data, providing an additional framework for practice and process to occur. 

To view the Post-Digital 2015 II, click here.