MARCH 2015

Last year I created a range of wearable artworks, You Are What You Eat series, in the form of fashion items made in collaboration with the local streetwear label 2Bop. A portion of this range is now available in 14 Sportscene stores in South Africa, in 5 provinces, and 7 cities nationwide. Over the course of fourteen days I will be exploring the location of each of the Sportscene stores as well as their surrounds, one store each day, for fourteen days.


Hugo-Hamman’s residency consisted of different visits documenting each store where her ‘wearable artworks’ were being sold. It forced her to visit locations she would not normally encounter, due to previous reliance on proximity and convenience. The content generated each day is a response to her location visited (physically and digitally) and her continuous engagement with brands, branding, and the relationships we have with them, whilst placing herself and her body amongst the images and references, she additionally questions her own relationship with Sportscene and her own location in South Africa. Her documentation consists of edited photos of interiors of shopping malls and videos of her having lunch at familiar chain restaurants. She slowly builds up a visual archive of her journey physically and digitally to various locations, creating a map of her merchandise in a seemingly linear or chronological manner, although this is difficult to read in the work because of the aesthetic layout.

To view the Post-Digital 2015 II, click here.