APRIL //2WEEKS :: Ashley Holmes

//2Weeks is a digital residency program hosted by Floating Reverie. This month Ashley Holmes is the resident artist.

It Won’t Happen To You, So You Can Laugh

It Won’t Happen To You, So You Can Laugh, is a new on-going documentation work that through a process of collating and collaging sound, image and text, is dedicated to solely addressing understandings of Black Britain. The project takes its name from 1970’s film Watermelon Man, written by Herman Raucher. It tells the story of a White insurance salesman named Jeff Gerber, who wakes up one morning to find out he has become Black.

The work, for the duration of the 14-day period, focusses on the idea of exploitation of symbolism and motif. It deals the notion of ‘having power’ and what that might mean to the way in which we consume information on an everyday basis. Through the catalogue of references and information I share in this constructed online framework, all of the content gathered shifts between my own perceptions of marginalised or authoritative positions we might assume or have projected upon us when thinking about socially concerning issues.

29 April 2015 – 12 May 2015


Floating Reverie FB Cover Photofinal


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