I would like to use the algorithms of my online browsing to explore the practice of curating information and objects during my //2Weeks residency with Floating Reverie. Discussing the process of mass digital curation in a curatorial experiment itself; this will exist as multiple daily uploads to an online blog but also be considered as a singular artwork.

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Tabby Cat will be an investigation into discursive methods and contexts— using a combination of video, digital media, sculpture, and writing—rather than an investigation into material or subject matter. Built in a fragmented style that narrates the way we navigate the Internet and browsing, [insert picture of eyebrows], [click ‘brow’] [brown brows]

My practice acts as a tool to understand the role of the artist along with the relationships people have when confronted with multiple emotions and sensory stimulations.

[glove-handed click] Enter nit


This approach aims to create a three-dimensional, interactive collage which uses an online-blog format.


It is interesting that Fatha makes it clear that she will be using algorithms to assist in her own act of curating. She was the first artist to leverage existing algorithms, ones based on her own online behaviour.

To view the Post-Digital 2015 II, click here.