I propose to write time-relevant written works that track productivity and the way in which I utilise and understand time. I propose a very personal look at the way that I feel I have spent my time over the last few years and the way I would like to spend time differently this year. I propose to also write more theory-based texts that have philosophical tangents about time and the meaning of time within one’s own context. I will limit my writing and research to two hours per day, a number of hours, which I will also explain in my first text. My first text will delve deeper into a proposal, and introduce the reader to my thought process and aims. My final product will include written pieces that are limited in length, so as to facilitate audience engagement with my work. This will include tweets, Instagram, and blog posts related to my quest to understand the way in which time is utilised, wasted, enjoyed and slowly—or quickly—disappears on my day-to-day journey. The final product will also include abstract pencil drawings which track and map my time use, and the way in which I feel I have used my day. The visual reference for these drawings relates to photos I took in preparation for this residency. I have taken photos of time related arterial networks that I feel represent time in the way that I perceive it, visually and metaphorically.

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