September //2Weeks

September’s resident was Francois Beaurain. He is a french artist  based in Paris  but traveling most of his time. Autodidact, Francois plays with several technics (drawing, photography, sculpture and collage) that he adapts to the country he’s visiting or the people he’s meeting. His work can be seen on his website:

There are many ways to travel and many ways to experience a country and its culture. It is not only a question of why you go and how long time you stay but it is mostly about what you do  and with whom you meet. You can be either a tourist, a backpacker (same as tourist but you replace the tour operator by a Lonely Planet), a sailor, a vagabond, a refugee,  an immigrate (you came for work), an expat (you’ve been sent for work)…

After 18 months spent in Liberia as an expat, I arrived  in July in Athens and I think I have never felt so much as a tourist in my life.  I’ve been living in Paris for more than 20 years and I have never climbed the Eiffel tower. I lived many years in Italy and literally ran away from the touristic hotspots. Oddly, since I am in Athens, my life is organized around the Acropolis area where we live me and my girlfriend. I somehow feel it as a shame of being a tourist but I am getting used to it and enjoying it. Moreover as a tall blond guy there is no way for me to escape from my condition, so why shall I fight….

I want to dedicate this art residency to my touristic condition and to the tourist industry. Greece is a touristic hotspot and I am going to treat it as it is.

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