October //2Weeks

The artist for this month is Tabita Rezaire.

TABITA REZAIRE is a Danish-Guyanese artist-filmmaker and video curator now based in Johannesburg. She holds a Master in Artist Moving Image from Central Saint Martins College, UK. Both her research and practice focus on the political aesthetics of resistance in and through video and new media practices. She engages in cinematic urban intervention and digital activism, producing videos, screenings and leading camera workshops in marginalised urban environments. Exploring the performativity of encounters, on and offline, she addresses issues of sex, race and gender confronting media stigmatisation and occidental hegemony. Tabita is also a founder and curator of 35A collective.


(‿ꜟ‿)  LOOK @ HER BUTT (‿ꜟ‿) digital thoughts on twerk


– What do u watch on YouTube?

– Twerk videos…

– lol

Twerk Miley! Twerk Miley! This is where they said it all started, at least for the mainstream westerner viewer. Clicking, scrolling, sharing those booties shaking till twerk becomes global and gets into the Oxford dictionary. From traditional African dances, to the Bounce music scene, hip-hop and now mainstream pop, who is appropriating what? For who? And what are the cultural, social and political consequences?

Whether it is seen as mere cultural appropriation, as a sign of women empowerment or objectification, as an obscene phenomenon corrupting our youth or rather a spiritual movement liberating our ass, twerk is a complex theoretical playground.

For Floating Reverie residency I’m making my own YouTube Twerk Channel filling the screen with butts, critical theory, pop politics aesthetic inviting Internet users and Johannesburg encounters into the conversation.

As Juicy J says “Keep twerking baby, might earn you a scholarship.”

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