March //2Weeks

This month Floating Reverie invited two collective to use the space to create a conversation through the residency.

If you don’t know anything about it please visit our residency page for more info.  The collectives are Sober and Lonely and Cuss Group. For more information on them visit their sites and to find out about their residency see the links and info below.

Sober& Lonely

Sober & Lonely would like to return to an online conversation started in 2009. Facing another period of separation we
initiated a blog entitled ‘Daily Strength for Daily Needs’ as a means to share ideas and keep in regular contact. At the
moment, we (Lauren von Gogh and Robyn Cook) have no time to really engage with our project because of work, marathon training and studying. As such we would like to start the project again (perhaps as a tumblr) and use it as an open-ended and discursive conversation; a means to plan, to create a resource archive, to have regular contact.
The posts would happen as often as necessary (at least once a day) but would take the form of a conversation between the two researchers. The outcome or final ‘project’ will be driven by the process and the fluid nature of the conversation. We can’t tell you where it will go, or what it will lead to, but we can tell you it may or may not include cats, telepathy, running, cheese, camping, caravans, 24-hourness, spontaneity, teleportation, monkeys and/or dogs.

Cuss Group

For this residency we propose to produce a “digital time collage”. With the focus on the element of time during this residency, we would like to create a moving image collage that is slowly built up over the 10 day (2 week) period. The focus as with all of our work will for now be loosely based on South Africa. Looking at the past and the present in context to each other, themes that will arise would be that of the idea of mass culture and the socio-economic rift that impacts it, the idea of informality within day to day life and the “dislocation” within communication and technology. These themes will not only reference image but also influence visual treatment of the time collage.

We will archive still image and motion, in a frame by frame gif style of animation, and build up this time collage so that the various themes and treatments that make up the composition all interact with each other to illustrate a certain perspective of the South African situation. In order to make this work we might find it easier to construct the final composition and then recreate this image step by step over the duration of the residency. Once completed we intend to allow for the time collage to loop either back and forth or to follow a linear progression. We would also like to elude to the idea of 3 dimensionality perhaps playing with a red and cyan colour parallax on certain compositional layers. Text might also be a further layer to add emphasising this depth of field.

Through this gradual build up of this composition it will not only allude to the idea of time passing but will also directly relate to “where we started then” to “where we are now” all in context to South Africa.



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