ILZE MARI WESSELS / I S S I I S S A / Issa / adialidal

This month we’ll be featuring the work of ILZE MARI WESSELS / I S S I I S S A / Issa / adialidal in //2Weeks.

Ilze, an architect by practice and self-taught artist chooses to spend her time working with all mediums, ranging from paint, photographs to polylines, configuring them as tools for the communication of place, space, form, waste and utopia. Her work deals with methods of mapping that navigate not only physical places and their narrative, but also more heterotopic places such as dialogue.  

Ilze currently resides in Pretoria, Arcadia as part of her first project since returning from two years working in Bangkok as a junior architect [ , to begin an exploration of relating to urban contexts of a city forgotten because of its history, both subjective and objective, which exists as an ongoing work in progress called ‘The Department for Urban Sanity.’ [DFUS]

Currently completing her dissertation on the topic of ‘Spatial and social Waste and the Arts of Architecture’ , she seeks to investigate the didactic nature of image as well as its transformative potential as medium for spatial activation through language and matter. 

Ilze has exhibited her work in the cities Pretoria, {TIWDLL, U-SPACE, FOUND} , Johannesburg [RUBIX CUBE] and Maputo {SLOW} whilst also partaking in the several collaborations over the years ranging from an exploration of pinhole photography as a tool for place-narrative in Kosovo [DOKUFEST 2013 Breaking Borders]  as well part of the CoolCapital in 2014, the SHE project featured at the Design Indaba in 2015. 

She continues to participate in collectives ranging from Pretoria Street Photography, the Social Life of Waste Arts, the Boukin Journal of Architecture and co-currently, the Found Collective. Currently she has just started an online residency with the floating reverie, whilst reflecting on a year of living in JHB whilst working with various creative practices to generate exhibitions and events including the Alexandra Ross Exhibition ‘How to Boil and Egg’ and went on to work with both Alexandra and Wayne Barker in their group show at the Everard Read Gallery in Rosebank in 2017. She has also been published on @Between 10 and 5 for her work with Pretoria Street Photographers and as an illustrator about humans and heartbreak with an article by Nikki Zakkas about love and in 2017 & 2018 participated at several opening events for The Moral Kiosk in Melville, Jhb.


To follow her residency you can view her website or designated Instagram or alternative all our social media from the 19th of March till the 1st of April 2018.