HERMAN DE KLERK :: Post Residency Interview


i can show you this world

What do you get when you combine the many-worlds interpretation (theoretically speaking), plaques in space documenting human existence (metaphorically reaching), a half-arsed world building exercise (methodologically flawed), and the idea that Earth is but one allotrope of many?


Additional notes:
1) Kinda like Attenborough’s first stab at fiction.
2) Hippos have webbed toes.
3) The Moon giveth and the Moon taketh away.
4) Drink from the Ocean, don’t swim in it.


What did your residency explored?

I looked at worldbuilding as a framework to make artefacts from a place similar to our reality. I tried to make sure that the world informed the work, and that the artworks / posts became indicators of how that reality functions / differs to our reality. Almost like a time capsule, but just opened immediately and from a different universe.

What did you do on a daily basis during the 2 week period?

I basically thought about making new work all the time. While juggling other jobs and my small social life. I started living in the world I built a bit which was nice. I also thought about the online mediums I could use to make the said artefacts.

How did the residency affect your own artistic practice or production during the residency?

It took over my practice for the 2 weeks. And I was quite comfortable with that.

How did the residency affect your own artistic practice or production after the residency?

I recently submitted a proposal for a residency in the Netherlands which explores a similar idea. I think the residency gave me the opportunity to use narrative across a collection of works rather than only applying it to one sculpture which is where I got stuck in the past.

Did you find that the guidelines helped or limited you?

I think initially I might have misunderstood the guidelines but the process of exploring that reality daily insured that the repetition aspect was part of the production process.

Do you think you’ll carry on with the residency or project afterwards?

Yeah I think the residency has become part of my production process.

Did the residency result in any specific additional work inspired by the process? If so how and what?

A proposal for a residency including a video work (in the form of 2 or 3 documentaries or interviews) and sculptural installations (in the form of props and sets). I submitted my proposal 15min late but will definitely make the work. The nature of the residency means I can always add to the world as well.

Anything else you’d like to say? Any feedback is welcome 🙂

Carly thanks for being so chill you are an angel xx


Thanks so much!