First //2WEEKS residency – January

The residency is on!

If you don’t know anything about it please visit our residency page for more info.  The first two residents for January are Nicola Kritzinger and Carly Whitaker. For more information on them visit their sites and to find out about their residency see the links and info below.

Nicola Kritzinger:

I propose time relevant written works that track productivity and the way in which I utilize and understand time.

I propose a very personal look at the way that I feel I have spent my time over the last few years and the way I would like to spend time differently this year. I propose to write theory-based texts that have philosophical tangents about time and the meaning of time within one’s own context.

The final product will also include abstract pencil drawings which track and map my time use, and the way in which I feel I have used my day.

The visual reference for these drawings relates to photos I took in preparation for this residency. I have taken photos of time related arterial networks that I feel visually represent time in the way that I perceive it.


Carly Whitaker:

This project is called WORKBITCH and is based on an initial project which I began called Daily Data. For this project I tracked and monitored my daily actions and activities over a set period of time. The aim of the project was an ironic way of legitimising my daily actions and to ‘prove’ to myself how productive I was really being. It was a laborious and deliberately boring task which justified my actions, or lack thereof, as an artist. I looked specifically at my routine, my journeys, my activities, what they resulted in and where I went – all of which are no more interesting from the next person.

For this project I would like to take two weeks of my data and transform each day into a GiF – producing a gif a day. The data will cover 2 weeks from 2 October 2013 – 16 October 2013. My anxiety, need, desire to produce was highlighted during this project and subsequently Britney Spears’s song “Work Bitch” was released. This title is hilariously appropriate for both my own experience of the project as well as a general societal desire to achieve, maintain a certain lifestyle and be successful.

Each Gif will be titled according to the corresponding date eg.WorkBitch02102013.


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