February //2weeks Residency

The artists for the February residency are producing such different works – it is so interesting how each artist takes on this project so differently. 

If you don’t know anything about it please visit our residency page for more info.  The artists this month are Bianca Bondi and Leanne Shakenvosky. For more information on them visit their sites and to find out about their residency see the links and info below.

Bianca Bondi 

It creeps
Not up upon you,
Rather around, always there, inch wor ming closer
As gene rative as the land yet barren in its meth
odical breath
In the background
the subtle nudging of an ocean
with the rigourous efficiency of a sudden stop
Stand Still
I dare you.
Whereas Dylan would rage Plath would beckon
Those god damn clocks
It’s been years now
I can’t stop
those god damn clocks
And yet,
the obsolete constant
well, it did not
It was
The One
beside you
all this


Leanne Shakenovsky

This project is based on my obsession with others obsessions with wealth, triumph and materialism.

The beginning of this year saw my need to allow my art production greater experimentation and spontaneity. I created a heap of poured gold – made from liquid foam and gold glitter. Ironically, I felt restrained by the process. Like all my previous work, I felt that in production, I had to be rigid and measured.

Each day of the residency I will place the sculpture in different art galleries/museums in the city of Johannesburg, photograph the scene and track my journey. The commonality between the different locations is that they are commercial institutions selling art.  I plan for my points of interest to be set out before the process begins. I look forward to embracing chance opportunities, unexpected interactions and possibilities within the organised framework.

I will create a Tumblr blog solely for the purpose of this project and check in daily with my photographs.

I look forward to investigating the relationship between the digital and the physical-that my sculpture will live on in its own tangible form, physically as temporary public art and digitally as more permanent public art.


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