MARCH 2014

Sober & Lonely would like to return to an online conversation started in 2009. Facing another period of separation, we initiated a blog entitled Daily Strength for Daily Needs as a means to share ideas and keep in regular contact. At the moment, we (Lauren von Gogh and Robyn Cook) have no time to really engage with our project because of work, marathon training, and studying. As such we would like to start the project again (perhaps as a Tumblr) and use it as an open-ended and discursive conversation; a means to plan, to create a resource archive, to have regular contact. The posts would happen as often as necessary (at least once a day) but would take the form of a conversation between the two researchers. The outcome or final ‘project’ will be driven by the process and the fluid nature of the conversation. We can’t tell you where it will go, or what it will lead to, but we can tell you it may or may not include cats, telepathy, running, cheese, camping, caravans, 24-hourness, spontaneity, teleportation, monkeys, and/or dogs. 

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