APRIL 2014


creative voyeurism in the digital realm—is a selfie by an artist, art in itself? ‘art being a reflection of self at any given time?’ this is quite literally literal. Ai Weiwei loves cats, Takashi Murakami loves to eat. Ron English loves himself— Kaws loves himself. knowing too much is as dangerous as knowing too little but in the end no one really gives a fuk, as we all just wanna consume anyway. bon appetit and kill your self. cut!! Xxo


Turpin’s residency is an exploration of the notion of self and selfie, grappling with digital notions of narcissism and voyeurism. His selected platform is Tumblr, leveraging existing content on Tumblr, reblogging content discovered and found. These digital objects are iterated and duplicated through Turpin’s curation of his own residency. This dissemination, filtering and placement of content and curating of Turpin’s own blog, connects or stitches these layered networks in a similar way to the hashtag. He selects and preserves certain images or videos through an act of approval or intrigue—reblogging. The digital medium here becomes a research site, a tool for discovering and maintaining production in a publicly visible dialogue with self.