April //2Weeks

This month we invited MJ Turpin to respond to the brief and participated in the growing conversation.

If you don’t know anything about the residency, please visit our residency page for more info.

MJ Turpin
lucky you, two weeks of musing on thoughts i have over creative voyeurism///narcissism in the digital realm and by extension nowaday reality – is a selfie by an artist, art in its self? “art being a reflection of self at any given time?” this is quite literally – literal. Ai wei wei loves cats, takashi murakami loves to eat. Ron English loves himself – GaGa loves…well, herself too. – is knowing to much as dangerous as knowing to little.In the end does anyone really give a fuk, dont we all just wanna consume something///anything anyway? bon appetit and kill yourself. xxo 

PS – This is the “in process” online research based component of a series of work i am currently physically manifesting entitled “the escape from self” A work will be specifically created for the Floating Reverie Opening – Final date to be announced.
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