The residency happens for 2 weeks, once a month and every month. It is a research residency which engages with artistic production and process. Artists are invited to respond online to the brief and produce or (check-in) online every day for two weeks. This could be in various formats – a final blog post, a Facebook page, an animation on YouTube or a separate website. It is entirely up to the artists selected.

                You have 2 weeks. 14 days. 336 hours. 20160 minutes.                                                   

The residency is not location-specific and exists solely in the digital world. Artists and creatives are presented with this framework and are asked to respond to it and use it.

The residency program, //2Weeks, allows artists to produce a body of work within a specific and dedicated time frame using the online, digital medium. //2Weeks aims to cultivate, initiate and help develop a digital conversation across the city, country, and the globe amongst artists, digital practitioners, thinkers, writers, and makers.

Artists and creatives are invited to respond in one of three ways:

  1. Present a solo residency
  2. A collaborative residency either in a single month or over a few months with a collaborator of your choosing
  3. A collaborative residency with an existing Floating Reverie residency artist, or in response to their residency

To apply:

To apply for the Floating Reverie //2Weeks digital art residency please send an application to floatingreverie@gmail.com or alternatively fill out the application form here.

Please include the following information in a single PDF document:

  1. Artist Biography
  2. Link to portfolio or artworks
  3. Residency Proposal
    • Conceptual statement and idea
    • Method of response (solo/individual/existing FR artist)
    • If collaborative:
      • Selected artist
      • Plan for collaboration

We will allocate a suitable month to the successful applicants. If you have a preference for any month in particular, please state so clearly with motivation and we will take it into consideration.

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Should an artist wish to apply for a specific month, the application closing date is two months ahead of the month applied for.