A micro-residency workshop exploring Internet art.

This workshop acted as a ‘micro-residency’ exploring the concepts that occur in Floating Reverie’s //2Week residency programme. Floating Reverie’s //2Week residency programme invites selected artists to produce art online, every day, for two weeks. The daily ‘checking-in’ and repetition of acts as a form of production and all. This workshop allowed participants to be part of this interactive, online residency programme in a condensed, micro format over a series of 5 hours.

This micro version of the //2Week residency explored idea generation, repetition and production of art in an online context and artist process.

It was a small group of participants who worked together to workshop ideas around the internet and our experiences at ISEA in Durban. The platform that they identified to work with was Instagram because of its accessibility and interesting use of content. The platform has a variety of components which the group decided to use such as images and videos, location tags, profile tags, descriptions (captions) and hashtags which were all considerations.

The final product was a series of six separate posts which explored the ideas generated amongst the group. Six main locations and areas of interest were identified which were seen as common ground, accessible and connecting. From there different types of content was gathered from the participants to create these posts and respond to the experiences. Here is an overview of the outcomes, for more info visit @floatingreverie on Instagram.