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Call for participation in digital art biennale The Wrong 2019/2020.

Blue Ocean, in partnership with South Africa’s only online digital art residency space Floating Reverie, has been invited to participate in the international digital art biennale The Wrong for 2019/2020 (https://thewrong.org/). Blue Ocean will curate a South African online ‘pavilion’, as well as an embassy (exhibition) to take place in Johannesburg in 2020.


ANNOUNCEMENT: 15 August 2019


Artists are invited to apply to participate in response to the below open call:

“Centering hegemonic experiences within technological developments entails the systematic erasure of the Other. Machines will always reflect the values of the societies they serve, and it is important to reject any dualism between physical and virtual spaces.”

– Jazmina Figueroa (2016)

The digital space is often seen as separate from the physical or ‘real’ space, as though what happens online, stays online; as though the algorithm cannot penetrate reality. Is the digital a dream? Online and offline spaces often merge; their distinction becomes murky. The screen is a portal – an intimate and transient entry and exit point for these two spaces, for a dream. The screen acts as a site of imagining, creating and manifesting how we live physically; echoing our beliefs, our truths and our dreams.

Who defines the digital space and how it integrates and blurs with the physical space? It is important that in these spaces all voices are heard, that no erasure occurs. Perhaps our digital dreams are dreams of a decentralized mesh between the digital and physical space?

How can we create our dreams together?

our digital dreams is an on online digital exploration of what our digital dreams could be. Blue Ocean would like to invite artists, creatives, internet lovers, poets and activists from the Global South to propose Internet friendly or based artworks which contribute new methods of representation, new narratives and perspectives of the digital intertwined with the physical space; to challenge this intimate space of transient nature; to respond, discover, develop and present or display what has been hidden.



ANNOUNCEMENT: 15 August 2019

SUMBISSION OF ARTWORK: The selected artists undertake to send by e-mail all the necessary elements of their works before 1 October 2019.

To apply, fill in the following form: FORM

The online exhibition, pavilion, will take place from 1 November 2019 – 1 March 2020. It will be ready for VIP and press visits on the 15th October.

Any questions? For more info feel free to contact 1blue1ocean1@gmail.com.

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Blue Ocean is an online digital art space founded in 2019. It hosts group and solo reflections that exists solely online. It’s aim is to create a space where artists can experiment and create artwork for the online medium. The space aims to address contemporary issues surrounding the Internet, digital culture located in the Global South and artists are engaging with it. @blue_ocean_space

Floating Reverie is an online digital art residency programme started in early 2014, having hosted over 38 artists in over five years. //2Weeks is the title of the monthly residency which Floating Reverie hosts. It is a research residency which engages with artistic production and process. Floating Reverie aims to cultivate, initiate and help develop a digital conversation across South Africa and the globe amongst artists, digital practitioners, thinkers, writers and makers through the Internet. For more info visit Floatingrevereie.co.za

The Wrong is the largest and most comprehensive biennale celebrating digital art today. a global event open to participation, aiming to nurture digital culture. Its mission is to create, promote and push positive forward-thinking contemporary digital art to a wider audience through a biennial event that temporarily gathers a vast global selection of digital artworks, embracing the artists, curators and institutions of today’s exciting digital culture scene. For more info visit thewrong.org.

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