APRIL //2WEEKS :: Alicia Mersy


Not white, not Jewish

Not white, not Jewish is an ongoing documentation work of a beauty salon in the central bus station of Tel Aviv. It focuses on collaging and collecting images, videos, staged photographs,
video interviews. I want to show the different dynamics between the women in the salon; between the owner (Sudanese refugee), and her customers (Ethiopian Jews). To document their opinion on white people and Ashkenazim, their cultural and religious identity and femininity.

Aside from treating oneself to the pleasure of renewing your hair, taking care of oneself, it is a place for reunion and chatting. The women sits there, unveiled, smoking, gossiping, bitching and criticizing their society.

For the duration of the residency I want to focus on the idea of identity, marginalization, segregation and what it means to be black and not Jewish in a Jewish State.

For Floating Reverie residency I want to make a Newhive page, filling the screen, with nail designs, hairs, critical theory, 3D aesthetics, and Israeli policies on refugees and asylum


16 APRIL 2016 – 30 APRIL 2016


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