JULY 2018


Included in Internet artist Tiger Maremela’s debut exhibition and live performance titled ‘Soundscapes of a Warzone’, is a print with the above question beckoning the viewer to consider their consumption of digital media and the effects of said consumption. Accompanied by prints with declarative statements such as “Memes are the only things keeping me alive right now”, the artist invites the viewer to question the role of memes and digital humour, what it means to laugh at and laugh with, and complicating what or who becomes the butt of our jokes.

In the digital residency titled These are the memes that will save us, the artist considers whether or not there is a divide between online and offline humour, suggesting that the things we find funny on screens can have tangible impacts on the jokes made on stage. The //2Weeks residency is interested in centering the experiences of black, queer, and trans youth through inclusive meme-ing practices that challenge white cis- heteronormative meme culture tropes. The artist seeks to encourage the viewer to be more considerate and empathetic when meme-ing.