APRIL 2020


This residency iterates upon the first residency prototype exploring architectural methods of creating form through collaboration and translating this method into a set of dialogic frameworks. By using social media new digital landscapes are generated to stand as a language of form inspired by ongoing conversations with several different artists. Now as we find ourselves in extended times, what does dialogue look like in this 2week mentality and where do we go from here? 

Phase two works at absorbing criticisms and reflections from the first prototype to contest its own method – rigourous investigation of time – especially in a time such as this – where we witness time reconstructed through the shifting of our everyday geographies based on forces of nature – forces the human race has delibaretly neglected to take into consideration it’s economic well being – forgetting how we breath – the residency therefore seeks to exist in this slice of time, relfecting on neglects –  through various forms of dialogue – creating the new territory of the futuristic future we see ourselves emerging into without much say in the matter. 

Some of the research questions the residency aim to interact with are as follows: 

Who are we when the extension is and ends?

What will the forms be in a time of Covid What is dialogue in a time of Covid ? The economy? The temperature of change in Covid? What is the language of memory of crisis? 

How are artists considering their practices in a time of Covid?  How can 14 days remember themselves through form & dialogue?

When will architecture & art commence in a time of Covid? When will the economy restructure itself by the terms and conditions of nature? 

Why was this not the new normal before crisis? Why do we wait for crisis ?

When will we script nature into our everyday?