March // 2 Weeks // Chloë Hugo-Hamman

The resident this month is Chloë Hugo-Hamman. Last year she created a range of wearable art works (You Are What You Eat) in the form of fashion items in collaboration with the local street wear label 2Bop. A portion of this range is now available in 14 of the top tier Sportscene stores in South Africa. These […]

February // 2 Weeks // FAKA x OPEN TIME

FAKA x OPEN TIME is a collaborative residency workshop between Johannesburg-based performative group FAKA and the OPEN TIME think tank. For the duration of two weeks the residency will be engaged in a cultural generating process that is succinctly materialized by online blogging practices; with a particular focus on contemporary South African black gay youth […]

Post-Digital 2014

Floating Reverie is hosting a post-digital show of the residencies and the artists that participated during 2014.////////////////////////////////////////////////////// PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Tabita Rezaire Anthea Pokroy Bianca Bondi MJ Turpin Maaike Bakker Carly Whitaker CURATORS STATEMENT: Post-Digital 2014 is a reimagining and engagement with the residencies which happened during 2014. Artists have been encouraged to maintain the essence of […]

October //2Weeks

The artist for this month is Tabita Rezaire. TABITA REZAIRE is a Danish-Guyanese artist-filmmaker and video curator now based in Johannesburg. She holds a Master in Artist Moving Image from Central Saint Martins College, UK. Both her research and practice focus on the political aesthetics of resistance in and through video and new media practices. She engages […]

September //2Weeks

September’s resident was Francois Beaurain. He is a french artist  based in Paris  but traveling most of his time. Autodidact, Francois plays with several technics (drawing, photography, sculpture and collage) that he adapts to the country he’s visiting or the people he’s meeting. His work can be seen on his website: There are many ways […]

August //2Weeks

This month’s residency artist is Maaike Bakker. If you don’t know anything about the residency, please visit our residency page for more info. For the duration of two weeks (17.08.2014-31.08.2014) I will undertake the construction of a virtual monument, offering previews of the progress online, or more specifically on the digital platforms Pinterest, Twitter and my own […]

July //2Weeks

July’s residency starts today. Joao Orecchia responds to Tegan Bristow’s residency. Joao Orecchia  Floating Processes Composer Steve Reich spoke about Music as a Gradual Process, where musical compositions are themselves processes, and sought to make these processes audible. A process in this case is a set of rules or parameters over time, devised pathways through which […]

June //2Weeks

June and July sees a collaboration between two artists – Joao Orecchia and Tegan Bristow. June sees Tegan Bristow starts off and July sees Joao Orecchia respond. Tegan Bristow code lines “Draw a straight line and follow it” a quote by La Mont Young, the American musician and minimalist composer, who’s spirito-mathematical music is made […]

May //2Weeks

This month’s residency artist is Anthea Pokroy from I Collect Gingers. If you don’t know anything about the residency, please visit our residency page for more info. Anthea Pokroy My work explores the notion of archiving and collecting through photography, and most recently through other digital media. Through a continuous process of gathering groups of people, I […]

April //2Weeks

This month we invited MJ Turpin to respond to the brief and participated in the growing conversation. If you don’t know anything about the residency, please visit our residency page for more info. MJ Turpin lucky you, two weeks of musing on thoughts i have over creative voyeurism///narcissism in the digital realm and by extension nowaday reality – is a […]