ILZE MARI WESSELS / I S S I I S S A / Issa / adialidal

This month we’ll be featuring the work of ILZE MARI WESSELS / I S S I I S S A / Issa / adialidal in //2Weeks. Ilze, an architect by practice and self-taught artist chooses to spend her time working with all mediums, ranging from paint, photographs to polylines, configuring them as tools for the communication […]

BROOKLYN J. PAKATHI :: Post Residency Interview

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// my weight in grams a circadian reflection of the aspirational validation IG seeks to imbue its users. examining the TL as a feed of representation through a gaze of subjectivity in relation to identity both on and offline. the push of multi-layered url behaviour that often masks the pull of irl ubiquitous normality. presented […]

THULI GAMEDZE :: Post Residency Interview

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// WOW_3000ZF : c o n s p i r a c y    d e – p o l i t i k WOW_3000ZF is an online course run by Prof gamEdze. This free course is intended to challenge its students to consider the tensions between South African art making practices during and post-apartheid, exploring […]

HERMAN DE KLERK :: Post Residency Interview

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// i can show you this world What do you get when you combine the many-worlds interpretation (theoretically speaking), plaques in space documenting human existence (metaphorically reaching), a half-arsed world building exercise (methodologically flawed), and the idea that Earth is but one allotrope of many? Additional notes: 1) Kinda like Attenborough’s first stab at […]

LALA CRAFFORD :: Post Residency Interview

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #everydayfilters Following the theme of how we look at and perceive everyday things, the #everydayfilters project endeavours to shed new light on what the everyday looks like through physical filters, made of everyday objects, instead of the typical digitally applied filters (such as instagram or photoshop filters) that social media users add to snaps […]

LUKE NAIRN :: Post Residency Interview

Luke Nairn //BIO Luke Nairn is a London based artist and curator, recent exhibitions include: The iPhone Residency, MUESLI, The Royal Standard, Liverpool (Solo, 2016) Sell Out, SEIZE Projects, Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, Leeds (2016) Work Space Pressure, Art Exchange, Colchester (2016) Cascading Relevant Information, CBS, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool […]

APRIL //2WEEKS :: Alicia Mersy

//TITLE Not white, not Jewish //CONCEPT Not white, not Jewish is an ongoing documentation work of a beauty salon in the central bus station of Tel Aviv. It focuses on collaging and collecting images, videos, staged photographs, video interviews. I want to show the different dynamics between the women in the salon; between the owner […]


//2Weeks is a digital residency program hosted by Floating Reverie. This month Louwrens Ferreira is the resident artist. //TITLE Behind the sounds //CONCEPT For the purpose of this residency a number of field recordings will be used as the raw material for sonic explorations. These recordings were accidentally made over a period of roughly two […]

AUGUST //2WEEKS :: Soraya Fatha

//2Weeks is a digital residency program hosted by Floating Reverie. This month Soraya Fatha is the resident artist. //TITLE Tabby Cat //CONCEPT Tabby Cat is a new durational work that will use the algorithms of my online browsing to explore the practice and process of mass digital curation and public archiving. *Start search engine. *brow […]

APRIL //2WEEKS :: Ashley Holmes

//2Weeks is a digital residency program hosted by Floating Reverie. This month Ashley Holmes is the resident artist. //TITLE It Won’t Happen To You, So You Can Laugh //CONCEPT It Won’t Happen To You, So You Can Laugh, is a new on-going documentation work that through a process of collating and collaging sound, image and […]